KNHP Radio

About KNHP Radio

It is the vision and goal of Pastor Gilbert Garcia of New Harvest Transformation Center to advance Kingdom teaching and principles in a global effort to reach the unsaved, restore the lost, set free those in bondage, and infiltrate local communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Technology is ever changing and growing and has allowed the impactful opportunity to share the gift God has placed on Pastor Gilbert Garcia a unique message and people.  In an effort to keep a forward momentum in Kingdom teaching, KNHP Power Radio ministry seeks to use media outlets to share this gift while providing the opportunity for viewers and listeners to become active partners and members. Pastor Gilbert Garcia has been gifted with the ability to create an atmosphere where people of all walks of life, race, and denomination can touch heaven with a multi-cultural sound that is Kingdom.

Radio Station KNHP received its official permit for construction in February 21, 2017.  Even though KNHP Power Radio has only been on the air since November 11, 2018 we are seeing results in the excitement of many who love us.  We are prophesying growth in coverage and in potential in winning many souls for the kingdom of God.   Our passion is in spreading the Gospel through Air by means of whatever technology is available internet streaming TV or Radio.  We appreciate our listeners and partners to be that extension of our hope in reaching out to the lost.


Pastor Gilbert Garcia